SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s estimated that Americans spend over $10 billion on Halloween; from costumes to parties to decorations.

A Hartford couple spares no expense when it comes to decorating around their house, but it’s why they do it….is the real story.

‘Close your eyes and prepare for your demise, ha ha ha ha…’

There’s no clowning around when it comes to this Halloween display.

“It really is a haunted graveyard carnival at night,” Courtney Hernandez said.

At night this graveyard with three fog machines and numerous tombstones comes to life.

Welcome to the Halloween Fun House.

From talking dolls to skeletons, make no bones about it, Louie and Courtney Hernandez go all out every Halloween.

Their nine-year-old son Liam is the reason why.

You could say the Halloween Fun House was born because of an even scarier situation.

“Liam was born October 15th, he was born very sick, he pretty much came out dead,” Courtney said.

Liam had meningitis and was blue after breathing in amniotic fluid.

He spent two weeks in the NICU until he was well enough to go home, which just so happened to be Halloween.

To mark the occasion every Halloween they celebrate Liam’s birthday by decorating their yard like this.

“I’ve always loved Halloween, but it’s because he loves Halloween and he got out on that day that’s why it’s a big deal for us,” Louie said.

And now it’s a big deal for the entire town.

“They started the Halloween Fun House about three years ago and it takes over a month to set up, but when it’s done it’s bone-chilling, wouldn’t you say.

“I think we estimated 275 to 300 kids last year, so we are known as the Halloween house,” Courtney said.

“We do it for the kids, we are all big kids at heart, right,” Louie said.

The Hernandez’s and another neighbor are going to be collecting food for the food pantry in town on October 29th thru the 31st.

Here is a list of the items they are in need of the most.

Sugar, Spaghettios/ravioli, canned chicken, cake, brownie or muffin mixes, instant mashed or scalloped potatoes, canned fruit, toilet paper, crackers, snack items for kids, alfredo sauce, canned tomatoes or sauce.

Sunshine Foods also has a drop-off box.