SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Construction crews on the Sanford Health campus in central Sioux Falls are not only putting up a new building; they’re lifting spirits at the nearby children’s hospital.

As crews with Henry Carlson Construction put up a new orthopedic hospital, patients at Sanford Children’s Hospital are watching.

The construction fascinates the young patients and temporarily takes their minds off their own situations.

“So they kind of came up with the idea, knowing that we’re going to erect steel, to attach the banners facing the children’s hospital here, just for the kids to see, because that’s the other thing, as we see a lot of their faces as they’re up against the window watching the guys work out here,” Vice President of Operations at Henry Carlson Construction Chad Nelson said.

For hospital staff, seeing the banner go up warms their hearts.

“The kids that are here, they’re in like the hardest times of their lives with their families, and so for them, this is going to be a very special moment for them. It’s pretty incredible that these construction workers even thought about that because thinking about these kids is one of our priorities as a staff here in the hospital, but for other people that’s pretty incredible,” pediatric intensive unit nurse Tammy Bills said.

Nurses say not only does this lift patients spirits, but it also benefits their health.

“I can say that the lifting of their spirits for sure helps them feel better. Anybody who’s happy and has more joy in their life is going to feel better but I can say for sure that it makes their day better,” said Bills.

Fourteen-year-old Evy Rollman, who is in her second battle with cancer, appreciates the encouragement of people in the community.

“It really makes me feel like I’m gonna beat cancer a second time, you know, push through it for all these people and everyone; makes you not want to let them down,” Rollman said.

Along with the banner going up Friday, Sanford hosted their Cure Kid’s Cancer Radiothon, with all of the donations staying local.