SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — When it comes to what you’re eating during the day you may find yourself not getting full. 

Dietitians say if you’re choosing foods with the right nutrients, feeling full is easy. 

Craig Hofer says hunger pains are no longer an issue after changing his diet. He’s lost 30 pounds over the last six months, and credits clean eating and exercise. 

“I try and fill up proactively on fruits, vegetables. Fruits are a great replacement for the sweets that I used to love,” Hofer said. 

To keep his diet interesting Hofer uses hot sauces on vegetables, and focuses on less sweets.
That’s because most sweets are lacking the nutrients you need to keep you full, according to registered dietitian Amanda Lambrechts.

“If you think of like, I don’t know, a candy bar or something that’s mostly sugar. It probably is going to taste great in the moment, but you’re probably going to be hungry pretty quickly,” Lambrechts said. 

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or sustain your weight, Lambrechts says you don’t have to be hungry. She encourages people to consume a good balance of macronutrients. 

“So that includes protein, fats and carbs at your meal and then I try to encourage at least 2 of those components for snack. So a lot of the time I’ll recommend protein and carbs. So carbs are going to give you that quick source of energy, and then protein sustains it,” Lambrechts said.

Something else you might not think of when it comes to keeping yourself full is simply drinking more water. 

“Sometimes I’ll find that people don’t necessarily have a good sense of what their hunger feels like or what their thirst feels like. So there may be times where they’re actually thirsty, and then they’ll reach to food because they’re not quite sure how to satisfy it. Or it could be vice versa,” Lambrechts said. 

She suggests tracking your hunger and fullness to help you better identify  your body’s needs. 

“Sometimes that can help you identify, ok how hungry am I actually? Was part of that just thirst? A lot of times Americans are chronically dehydrated, especially this time of year when you are probably sweating a bit more. Never a bad idea to add more water,” Lambrechts said.

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