SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – While the holidays are already a time to celebrate, for families welcoming a new member this time of year, it’s even more special.

Selina and Tyler Ludolph are spending some quality time with the newest member of their family – Seely.

To help welcome her, a Sanford volunteer dropped off a special gift.

“It’s beautiful and a super thoughtful gift that the volunteers are thinking about the babies and their moms in the hospital especially around Christmas,” mom Selina Ludolph said.

Each year, Sanford volunteers sew these stockings for families with newborns. It’s a tradition that’s been happening for over 60 years.

“We’ve gotten lots of pictures with babies in their stockings, and then when they grow up and they’re 40 years old, it’s just kind of a nice picture to look back and remember,” manager of volunteer services for Sanford Health Becca Conner said.

This year, the volunteers made just under 300 of the stockings and so far have delivered 54.

“It is kind of a guessing game; we don’t really know how many babies will be born. We try to have extra and we deliver starting in early December and go through to our New Year’s baby,” Conner said.

A holiday season this family won’t forget.

“We are really excited to have another addition this Christmas, to have a new baby at home,” Ludolph said.

Conner says due to COVID, the volunteers made the stockings from home.