SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – A Sanford nurse has returned to South Dakota after spending just under a week in Ghana. It’s part of a mentorship program launched by Sanford World Clinic.

Kami Lindberg is back to work in Sioux Falls.

After spending time in Ghana working with midwives, she’s ready to take what she learned there and provide educational resources that will continue to help those in Ghana.

“Get a sense of what they are needing, what’s going great, what’s not going great, and then walk away with that information and be better equipped to help them the rest of the year,” oncology nurse navigator, Sanford Health, Kami Lindberg said.

Tracy Bieber who is the director of clinical services, traveled to Ghana with Kami.

“I traveled with Kami to really help support her and her endeavor of really understanding, really the goal with her background in maternity was to help identify where there are some educational gaps from the beginning of the process to the end,” director of clinical services, Sanford World Clinic, Tracy Bieber said.

While Lindberg says she did help with a delivery of a newborn and other procedures, her biggest goal was to build relationships.

“I wanted to walk away with instilling some trust in them so that way when I get back here and I can use the knowledge that I came home with and use that throughout the course of the year, but also they know me, and maybe they trust me,” Lindberg said.

For the next ten months, they will work to help fill the gaps that have been identified.

“We know that there, they don’t have access to as many medications, to as much technology, but we know we haven’t always had that access here in the US, so it’s going back to those basics,” Bieber said.

Six nurses from Sanford Health were chosen to be mentors as part of the program. One has already traveled to Costa Rica. The other four will be traveling within the next year.