SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — After dedicating 36 years to Sioux Falls with the city’s department of public health, Sandy Frentz is retiring.

“Part of being a public health servant is knowing that when you’re doing your job, and you’re doing your job the correct way, no one knows that you’re here doing it,” Sandy Frentz said.

After 36 years with the City of Sioux Falls Department of Public Health, Frentz is retiring.

“I took a job with the health department thinking ‘well not sure what public health truly is, but I’ll do it for a year or two and we’ll see what happens, and I just fell in love,'” Fretnz said.

Frentz has worked through extreme weather as well as health concerns like H1N1, SARS and now the COVID-19 pandemic. Through it all, she has seen how these events affect the community.

“There’s something it that just brings everybody together and brings out the good in people,” Frentz said.

Denise Patton has worked with Frentz for the last 10 years and spoke about the dedication Frentz brought to her work.

“People know Sandy as this incredibly passionate, driven, woman that eats, sleeps, and breathes health,” Denise Patton, Health Program Coordinator of Sioux Falls, said.

Patton says Frentz’s energy and passion are what made working with her so special.

“She’s so enthusiastic, and positive and just so driven by the mission of the health department, you can’t help but feel that energy and be driven by it too,” Patton said.

As Frentz reflects back, there is a constant: even when times were rough, having the opportunity to help her community was the most rewarding aspect.

“The satisfaction of knowing you’re helping people, especially at times where they are not necessarily having their best day, I mean.. what more could you ask for?” Frentz said.

For a closer look at what the health department does, check out a link we’re including in this report here.