SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — The recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria left thousands dead and caused massive amounts of damage. The effect has been felt across the world here — even right here in Sioux Falls.

Sanaa Abourezk, owner of Sanaa’s Gourmet, has held many fundraising events with her Saturday lunches. But she says this fundraiser hits close to home.

“100% of the proceeds is going to help the victims of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey,” Sanaa Abourezk, owner of Sanaa’s, said.

Abourezk was born and raised in Syria before she came to the US for college. Her family still lives there. With all the destruction she says she wants to help her birth country however she can.

“I believe chefs- or any person who does food- should be able to help other people who are in need,” Abourezk said.

Abourezk says her family was able to escape safely, but there are thousands of victims who need help.

“I’m helping my brother, my sisters, cousins, anybody, you know, people in Syria, Turkey, same thing. I mean, it’s just, they’re our human brothers, regardless where they live.”

The event raised over $7,000. Many of the attendees are regulars at the restaurant and say they wanted to lend a helping hand to this cause.

“When you look out at the community here the support that she has, and I’m just one of the little peas in the pod, it’s just amazing,” said Sarah Johnson, Sioux Falls.

“We’re still a small community with many interconnections, and it is about trust, and helping out other people,” said Elizabeth Sandager, Sioux Falls.

The money raised will go to the World Center Kitchen and the Syrian American Medical Association.