SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – You have another option when it comes to transportation services in Sioux Falls. A new on demand pilot project launched on Saturday, December 19.

The Sioux Area Metro busses run on a fixed route throughout the city.

But an on-demand service, called SAM on Demand, will replace the fixed routes on Saturdays.

“You have to schedule a ride, that’s the most important thing people need to remember, it isn’t like the fixed route schedule where the busses are coming along different routes,” City of Sioux Falls senior planner, Sam Trebilcock said.

People will now be able to book rides in advance.

“A lot of on demand services around the country, you have to schedule the day before, on this one you don’t, you can schedule really 15 minutes or half and hour before, and it will schedule the ride for you, there’s a window, you have to understand if you schedule the ride 2:30, it’s going to be somewhere between 2:30 and 20 minutes after,” Trebilcock said.

He says the pilot project will last about four and a half months.

“It is a really new type of a service, we want to see is it something that we could transfer into an evening service, could we do another week day service, or is it something that is going to work for our community in any way, so we kind of want to evaluate that,” Trebilcock said.

There will be still be fixed routes Monday through Friday. You can book a ride by using the on-demand transit app, website, or calling 605-367-7151.