SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The story of a tornado, or in Sioux Falls’ case this week three tornadoes, doesn’t just involve the weather disaster and resulting damage; at the heart of the story are the people impacted, and what comes next.

Matt and Gina Ditmanson’s home in southern Sioux Falls was decimated by a tornado Tuesday night; it’s now a total loss. However, what’s salvageable is anything but that.

“We’re making lemonade out of the lemon we were dealt with this whole thing,” Matt Ditmanson said.

Lemonade for people who need it.

“With the house being a total loss, there is some salvageable elements in here with some of the woodwork, the cabinets, doors, all that type of stuff that Habitat for Humanity can make really good use of,” Ditmanson said. “And so I’m all for that, and so if we can help other folks with our tragic situation, I’m all for it.”

The donated items will go to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls‘ ReStore, which Alisha Grove manages.

“We take in donated new and used goods, and one hundred percent of the profits that we make, so it’s a store and we’re open to the public, one hundred percent of those profits fund our mission locally,” Grove said.

Dan Santella: What’s it mean to ReStore and to Habitat for Humanity to receive this donation?

“A lot,” Grove said. “So they’re going to be so many families in Sioux Falls, so not just the families that we partner with to build homes, but families that shop at our store. Maybe they can’t traditionally afford buying a brand-new cabinet set or things like that, appliances and whatnot.”

“It’s the least I could, that we could do,” Ditmanson said. “The very least. With what everybody has done for us, it’s the least we could do.”