SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — Whether you’re going just a few blocks or a few hundred miles, many families will be traveling during the holidays.

As the weather gets colder, a jacket or winter coat quickly becomes a necessity.

Sara Tirrel with Sanford Children’s CHILD Services says it’s important for your child to wear the proper jacket while in a car seat.

“Look at their child’s car seat, look at their coat, making sure that their coat is not a puffy coat, making sure that they’re just putting a lightweight jacket on when they put their child in the car seat,” Tirrel said.

She says the bigger coats can create space between the harness and the child.

“In case you are in a crash, if there’s space in between the child and the harness, it’s very dangerous, the child could slip out,” Tirrel said.

Corey Morrison also says it’s important to know how your car seat works.

“You gotta make sure the seat belts tight underneath it. You got to make sure the seat belts tight on her,” Morrison said.

If you’re unsure of how to install a car seat, there are car seat technicians available to show you the ropes.

“We have car seat tech’s here that can double check your car seat to make sure that it’s put in correctly, we can weigh your child, take your child’s height, and just making sure that they are rear facing or forward facing, making that best fit for the child,” Tirrel said.

You can call ahead and make an appointment or do walk-ins to check your seat.