SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As the weather continues to warm, you can expect to see more bicycles on streets and trails across KELOLAND.

The 29-mile bike trail in Sioux Falls is seeing increased traffic during Bike to Work Week.

“It’s important to promote active transportation, living a healthy lifestyle, Bike to Work Week is a great kickoff for that,” Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation Assistant Director Brett Kollars said.

The event is part of National Bike Month, which was established in 1956 to showcase the benefits of biking. The city also encourages “good neighbor” conduct while using the trail.

“Take this chance to remind people it is not a road, it is a recreation trail for all users,” Kollars said.

“If you are passing, make sure you raise awareness with a bell, a ding, ‘passing on your left’, so that a road bike can be on the trail, a mountain bike can be on the trail and a walker with kids can be in a stroller on the trail since it’s a multi-function trail,” Sioux Falls Park & Night Traffic Sergeant Joel Dalton said.

Another area of concern is speeding on the trail, especially when it comes to e-bikes.

“Be mindful of your speed. We do have a speed limit, it is 15 miles per hour,” Brett Kollars said.

“Our city council allows class-1 e-bikes on the trail, which can get you up to 20 miles an hour pedaling, which is more than 15 miles an hour on the trail,” Dalton said.

Sergeant Joel Dalton says speeding isn’t the only reason police are in the parks.

“We have one of our park officers patrolling the trails. They do that in their patrol cars and their motorcycles and we raise awareness by having an active police presence in the park system,” Dalton said.

Peace of mind for parkgoers as the city and bike trail continues to expand.

“We do have plans to expand several of our spurs and then also investments to make sure the existing trail stays high quality,” Kollars said.

If you’re unable to commit to an entire week of riding your bike to work, this Friday is Bike to Work Day.