BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — Racing fans are always on the lookout for the sport’s next big star, but the sprint car driver who’s currently tearing up the track is younger and more talented than most could imagine.

Ryan Timms has tallied more than 100 feature wins during his six seasons behind the wheel.

“Race cars, and that’s all I do,” Sprint Car driver Ryan Timms said.

Did I mention he’s only 15 years old? Timms started racing Micros before his 10th birthday, climbed into a 360 Sprint at age 13, and a year later was behind the wheel of a 410 Sprint Car.

“Confidence is definitely a big deal and that could be the difference between winning or not winning a race. You don’t think it’s that big of a deal but it is a big deal,” Ryan Timms said.

“I think everybody understands that he’s got the skill set to race with anybody,” Ryan’s dad Randy Timms said.

Ryan’s dad, Randy, spent 25 years racing, but walked away from the sport when his son started winning races.

“That excited me more than me racing, watching him be successful, so I quit racing and we just started focusing all of our time and energy and resources into Ryan’s racing,” Randy Timms said.

Timms has already won at Huset’s Speedway multiple times this season. Elsewhere in the country, age is often his biggest obstacle.

“They don’t want him to race, they think he’s too young, or it’s just the requirements, right? It’s not based on experience or any logical common sense, it’s just an age,” Randy Timms said.

The World of Outlaws won’t allow Timms to compete until he turns 16, which happens exactly one month from today.

“I’ll be making my debut with the Outlaws on August 26th at Grand Forks, so that will be exciting,” Ryan Timms said.

Timms knows it’s a birthday that will open doors in the world of racing.

“Yeah, I can run whatever we really want when I’m 16. Whatever tracks, whatever series, so it’ll be good,” Ryan Timms said.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do because it’s going to be way less drama, it’s going to be almost boring,” Randy Timms said.

That said, winning never gets old.

“Drive as hard as you can and as smart as you can and good stuff happens from it, I guess,” Ryan Timms said.

“Yeah, he’s 15, but he’s just another one of them and he can get it done,” Randy Timms said.

Timms will participate in the 360 Knoxville Nationals next month in Iowa, but again, cannot participate in the 410 Sprints due to his age. As for his future, Ryan plans to stay in Sprint Car racing, but says if something better comes along… “you never know”.