Runaway Now Found: Ivory Ball Python Shows Up At SF Laundromat

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Few things go hand-in-hand like a laundromat and a…snake? It may sound crazy, but Sioux Falls Police were called when a snake showed up at a laundromat Tuesday night. It happened on West Madison Street, just a few blocks from the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center. 

Now, the snake named Runaway is back with its owner. (That wasn’t the snake’s name until this whole ordeal.) The ivory ball python is around one year old. Runaway is doing okay, according to owner Jason Haack.

“She’s a little beat up from her adventure, but she hasn’t really lost any weight or anything like that, she looks pretty good,” Haack said.

Haack used to have a store that sold pets close to a laundromat in northwest Sioux Falls.

“Back in May we had a little incident where during feeding the weight for her lid didn’t get put on exactly correct, and she was able to push out the top, and then got randomly loose in the shop,” Haack said.

She was gone. But Tuesday night, Haack got word from Facebook that Animal Control had found a snake.

“I got a hold of Animal Control shortly thereafter, and told them, ‘Hey, [I] know the location, I think you found my snake,'” Haack said. “I described the snake to them, and they couldn’t confirm, they said I would just have to bring up some pictures and talk to them in the morning. So, went up there today, and showed them the pictures, and they’re like, ‘Yep, we got your girl.’ And so, bailed her out of snake jail.”

“I was just as shocked as Jason was,” Haack’s fiancĂ© Cayla Lacy said. “It was unreal. We were just laying in bed and all of a sudden he’s like, you will never believe what we just heard. And he told me the story, and I was like, no way. That was, it was incredible.”

Haack says Runaway doesn’t pose a threat to people. And he did not get a fine. Just $30 for that bailout. And now, Runaway’s name doesn’t quite fit.

“I was absolutely tickled when we heard that she was at the laundromat last night,” Haack said.

Haack says he is still missing two snakes. He concedes that it is against the exotic pet ordinance to have a python. The city’s Code of Ordinances says it is “unlawful for any person to keep and maintain” an exotic animal, which it defines as an animal that isn’t “naturally in the United States.” Remember though, Haack said he did not get a fine. He described Animal Control as “extremely helpful.”

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