SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) —  According to the FDA about one in ten middle and high school students use some type of E-cigarette. In many cases, they’re doing it at school. Administrators and students at Roosevelt High School want it to stop. In the past, students who were caught vaping were suspended. However, now if they’re caught more than one, they will have to take an online vaping education course. And if they’re caught again they may lose certain bathroom privileges.

Roosevelt senior, Nicholas Mass says the bathrooms are the most common spot for students to vape.

“It’s kind of known some kids, they can’t go to the bathroom,” said Nicholas Mass, student council president, of Roosevelt High School.

As student council president, he says his peers have come to him about this issue.

“It’s not only distracting to the kids that are vaping but it’s also distracting to every student that needs to use the bathroom,” said Mass.

Making some students avoid the bathroom altogether.

“They’re avoiding bathrooms because they don’t want somebody to think they doing it in there or if it was them in there. So I don’t like to hear that the students are just trying to go through their day doing what they’re supposed to do feel like they can’t be in a part of the school,” Tim Hazlett, principal of Roosevelt High School, said.

This school year, Roosevelt is requiring vaping education courses for students who are caught more than once in hopes it will get them to quit.

“I don’t know what the answer is. We’ll find out if it’s successful now, but I think that part of the idea that I’m hoping is most successful is honestly the positive peer pressure. Letting people know that hey, there’s a lot of students, and most students in this school don’t want to see this happening and just keep it out of the schools,” said Hazlett.

Two upperclassmen are hopeful this will have a positive impact.

“Honestly, as seniors, I feel like it’s kind of like our responsibility, I guess to tell these freshmen to just stop it while they’re ahead. It’s not as cool as they make it seem it is and it’s not as great as it is,” said Afomiya Dejene, senior and Elisabat Assefa, senior.

The student body at Roosevelt High School is also planning an anti-vaping campaign to spread the message of the harmful effects vaping can have on the body.