SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A pair of Sioux Falls musicians have completed their albums; readers may recognize these names following two stories from KELOLAND News in 2022.

Joel Shotwell has songwriting credits for all songs on an album bearing his name, while Mark “Romo” Romanowski authored all the songs on two other albums. The duo appear musically on all three albums. Between the two of them, they contribute guitar, vocals, keys, drums, saxophone, clarinet and more. The public can buy the three albums: Shotwell’s “Everything A Thousand Million Times,” “August Schuller and his Ensemble Most Renowned featuring Joel Shotwell & Mark Romanowski,” and “History of the Middle Ages” by the band The Rose Quarter, which includes both Romanowski and Shotwell.

“I must have spent 200 hours over here working on ‘August Schuller,’ and he still lets me in his house,” Romanowski said.

“It’s just nice also to know that you completed something and that so many friends were involved, and they all now have ’em in their hands and it’s a success at this point,” Shotwell said.

“I’ve done, I don’t know, upwards of probably 20 albums, but in a weird way I feel like these are kind of my first two,” Romanowski said. “‘Cause they’re the first two where I wrote everything.”

The three albums’ release show is this Saturday night in downtown Sioux Falls. You won’t have to look far to see what inspired the music.

“Weirdly enough, some of the people that these songs are about will be in the audience, so I have to make sure I don’t make eye contact with certain people,” Romanowski said.

“Saturday now we just go and jam out, and it’s going to be awesome, yeah very much looking forward to it,” Shotwell said.

The concert is Saturday night at the Washington Pavilion’s Belbas Theater at 7:30; you can buy tickets on the Pavilion’s website or at its box office. The three albums are available to buy at Total Drag and Crosstown Vinyl in downtown Sioux Falls. Shotwell says he’s hopeful they’ll be available in a digital format soon.