WATERTOWN, S.D. (KELO) — The rodeo grounds in Watertown are getting a much needed upgrade.

The Derby Downs rodeo grounds serve as a place for youth to practice rodeo and horse showmanship. But, after upgrades are completed, the arena will be able to host pro-rodeo events.

Callie Mueller has been practicing and competing in horse showmanship at Derby Downs since she was a young girl. Now, this arena is getting a makeover.

“Knowing that there are upgrades and changes happening here it is really exciting because this is such a great place and I’m so excited to bring in more people to these beautiful grounds,” said Mueller.

The first step of the renovations is happening this year. They will be opening up the arena, grating it, adding RV outlets and putting in new paneling.

“We are only getting to do about an eighth of the improvements that we intend to do at the rodeo grounds this year,” said Mackenzie Blais, President of K&H rodeo company.

But long-term, they have even bigger plans.

“We look to add some kind of a building for showers and bathrooms for contestants,” said Blais. “Then we also look to do some kind of a new club house which will have concession stands, VIP seating, meeting rooms and things like that. Those are probably three to five year plans.”

They hope these upgrades bring in larger rodeo events to Watertown.

“We definitely want to bring in if we can, a couple more pro events, whether it be bull riding or saddle bronc riding,” said Blais.

“The youth is the future of the PRAC rodeo and what a great experience and hopefully inspiration to our 4-H and our high school rodeo who can come and see a PRAC rodeo come here on their same grounds,” said Mueller.