SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – A trip to the grocery store seems to get more expensive every week, and the Faith Temple Food Giveaway in Sioux Falls is seeing more and more people every Friday. Friday they expected to help between 12 and 13-hundred people.

The Faith Temple Food Giveaway has been helping hundreds of people struggling to buy groceries with the high prices of food right now.

“It saves money on grocery bill and makes the bills go a little bit further,” Harley Ellis of Sioux Falls said.

The giveaway itself is feeling inflation’s impact.

“For instance, we’ll give milk away today. It wasn’t very long ago at Walmart you could buy a milk, a gallon of milk, for a $1.48-$1.49. But today it was $3.57. So it costs thousands of dollars even to get milk,” Pastor Jeff Hayes said.

Pastor Jeff Hayes with Faith Temple Church says they spend about four thousand dollars on each giveaway. And that doesn’t just cover food.

“You know, diesel fuel is up, so we go to fill up our truck and it’s $250,” Hayes said.

Faith Temple Food Giveaway will continue to help as many people as it can, despite rising prices. Donations can help.

“Our motto is that we’ll give away anything that we have here,” Hayes said. “So even today, god bless the Union Gospel Mission, I thought we were going to get two pallets from them of food and they gave us five pallets of food.”

“I appreciate them doing it every week and it helps a lot of people out, as you can see,” Ellis said.

Hayes says they had around 500 people come out to the giveaway each week before the COVID-19 pandemic.