ONIDA, S.D. (KELO) — We have an update to an explosion at an Onida Ethanol plant back in July.

A variety of repairs are being made at the Ringneck Energy ethanol plant after the explosion and ensuing fire caused damage to the plant on July 9th.

Outside of the major structural damage to the ethanol processing portion of the plant, the company is doing some electrical re-wiring to try and prevent a similar situation.

The president and CEO of Ringneck Energy says they got lucky and won’t have to replace a lot of equipment.

“There were several pieces of equipment that we would have had to replace that it could have been, you know, six months to a year and a half before you could get one of those especially in the electrical departments. A lot of that electrical equipment is a year out. So we were very, very fortunate that all we need to do is do some due rewiring.,” Walt Wendland said.

Six employees were at work at the time but no one was injured.

The company expects to be back up and running by mid-October.