SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There will be a rare sight in the sky Saturday as a “Ring of Fire” eclipse can be seen across the country. The Washington Pavilion and the Sweetman Planetarium in Sioux Falls are where they’re hosting a special viewing event.

Since opening in early September, the planetarium has been offering unique in-depth looks at our solar system.

“So this event, the ‘Ring of Fire’ eclipse event is kind of our dream when it comes to the planetarium,” said Maddy Grogan, director of programming exhibits and education at the Washington Pavilion. “We want to be able to offer these educational but fun experiences for our community that kind of expand what we’ve been able to do before.”

Planetarium operator Matt Flesche says even if clouds are present, they’ll be live-streaming the eclipse from the optimal locations throughout the country.

“Normally, we would like excellent weather conditions for viewing anywhere. But anywhere where we’ll be getting clouds like we will likely tomorrow, you can still get a really fantastic view from the planetarium,” said Flesche.

The top-to-bottom dome offers visuals in 8k, which is higher definition than any regular TV.

“Young and old everyone will get something out of it. The visuals are wonderful. And we’ll have programming in our maker spaces as well that connects to the Eclipse,” said Grogan.

Although the sun will be partially blocked in the eclipse, if you choose to look at the sun you are encouraged to wear eclipse-approved eyewear.

You can buy the eclipse-approved eyewear at the Washington Pavilion if you choose to watch the event from outside. After Saturday, the next eclipse coming up is predicted to happen in early April 2024.