HUMBOLDT, SD (KELO) — A small town in South Dakota is thinking outside the box when it comes to hosting block parties. Street dances typically take place in mid-summer when many people are looking for a fun way to cool-off in the heat. But people in Humboldt are waiting until the end of summer to throw their big Ribfest bash.

Humboldt’s Main Street will be up to its rafters in racks of ribs on Saturday.

“That’s pretty crazy because I have to be here that morning at 6:30 in the morning, that’s when they pick them up and then I’m here until about 4 the next morning. It ends up being a long day,” Main Street Humboldt Bar owner Dave Derschan said.

Ribfest is an end-of-summer celebration that will draw more than a dozen vendors for a rib competition followed by live music at night with the national-touring act Hairball.

“I think we’re the smallest town Hairball plays in, so it’s a lot of fun though it’s something that nobody else does, it’s pretty neat,” Derschan said.

“This is probably one of our biggest days of the year if you look at historically. We’ve had Hairball three times now and it has brought double, triple whatever numbers to a lot of our different establishments that we have,” Crystal Mariner of Humboldt said.

Of course, when you hold a street dance this late in the summer, weather can sometimes be a concern. It’s raining right now, but organizers are hoping the weather will clear by Saturday and that everyone can have a good time.

“In September, you could be dealing with snow at this point of time in the year, you don’t know, so it’s a big risk to have something. But it’s fun to get out, it’s the last hurrah of summer, so that’s what I think people really enjoy,” Mariner said.

A late season economic boost is just the way to close out summer by bringing a big crowd to a small town.

“It’s nerve-racking, but exciting at the same time,” Mariner said.

In the past, Ribfest organizers have donated proceeds to the cancer non-profit Pink Ladies. They’re still deciding which charity to donate to this year.