SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Christmas may be over but some retailers are still seeing a steady flow of customers this time of year.

Christmas shopping has wrapped up but people are still making their way to the Empire Mall this week.

Anthropologie continues to see a steady amount of foot traffic.

“It absolutely has been busy, I feel like a lot of the weekdays have felt like weekends for us with the amount of traffic that we are getting in, a lot of exchanges and returns, which is to be expected this time of year,” Anthropologie, service and sales manager, Rebekah White said.

You’ll want to make sure you know each retailers return policy.

“Every retailer has different return policy, so want to keep your receipt if you can but that receipt comes in different forms, you can have it on your phone nowadays, don’t have to carry around a paper receipt,” Empire Mall general manager, Dan Gies said.

While returns and exchanges may be on the top of the list for some shoppers after the holiday, it’s also a popular time for people to spend gifts cards they may have received in their stockings.

“Gift cards continue to be a good gift option, it’s definitely last minute, but it’s a pretty decent percentage of sales for our retailers,” Gies said.

Items are also on sale this week at different retailers.

“We encourage everyone to come in and check us out, with the holiday season being over we have a lot of sales, a lot of our clearance is 40% off, our holiday items are extremely discounted,” White said.

Overall, mall officials says the holiday shopping season was a success and look forward to more shoppers making their way here.

“Extremely happy with the holiday, we had weather in our favor, I believe we had one day we had a lot of snow, but it didn’t interfere with our mall traffic and retail sales,” Gies said.

Gies says typically foot traffic picks up around lunch time and when people get off work, but the last few days after Christmas, it’s remained steady throughout the day.