Renner Residents, Human And Canine, Recovering From Flooding

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People in Renner are hoping the floodwaters recede soon. Several homeowners on 258th St. have several feet of water in their basements. Others can’t even make it to their houses. 

Step by step, Renner residents, human and canine, are recovering after a rough few days.

“They’re hunting dogs. They like it. They’re learning following dad around,” Latham said. 

Donny Latham has lived here for 20 years and right now he’s dealing with a flooded basement. 

“I pumped it out last night. I had about four foot,” Latham said.

You would think after dealing with several floods, Latham would want to move out of Renner but he says, it’s home.

Latham: It’s fun.
Holsen: Why is it fun?
Latham: Playing in the water. Just get your boat out or your jetski and you ain’t got to go to your lake.

Conor Hart isn’t laughing quite as much. 

“Apocalyptic. It’s cold. Wet. We’re ready to be home,” Hart said. 

Hart, his wife and three kids are staying in Sioux Falls while they wait out the flood. He came back to check on things. 

“Couldn’t get to my house. Water is too deep, too fast, too cold,” Hart said. 

It’s hard for a lot of people to get around town. Hart is doing his best to look on the bright side.

“Everything we got in the house is still dry. So that’s a big victory. It’s just about getting home at this point,” Hart said. 

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