RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — Friends and family are remembering Angela Heinz, a 24-year-old from Ipswich who died in a climbing accident in the Black Hills, near Cheyenne Crossing, last weekend.

According to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, Heinz was at the base of a wall, when a rock fell from above and hit her. She was airlifted to a Rapid City hospital where she died Saturday morning.

Angela was adventurous. Her mom, Lorie Heinz, says she always lit up the room.

“Her smile. Her beautiful face. She would take you when a song came, and she would swing you around or herself around,” Lorie Heinz said.

Angela lived by the motto, ‘live immediately.’

“By celebrating today and always. By doing something out of your comfort zone. Something fun. Something crazy. And something for yourself. And she did just that,” Lorie Heinz said.

“She was always positive. Anytime you needed cheering up you could just call her and she’d have the right words, and there’s not even words to describe her. She was amazing,” Angela’s sister Brittney Jung said.

Angela graduated from SDSU in 2020 and moved to Rapid City to work as a graphic designer. She also enjoyed traveling all over the world.

“She made even the most boring moments fun and just so camera worthy,” Angela’s friend Keanu Phumipraphat said.

Phumipraphat was with her on some of the trips and put together this tribute video.

“She was one of my biggest inspirations and motivators, and one of my best friends when it came to pushing me forward and creating art, so I know she wouldn`t have wanted it any other way. I feel like she was there editing it with me, honestly,” he said.

During her short life, Angela inspired everyone she knew.

“She could make the smallest moments seem like the biggest moments just from the energy she brought to whatever she was doing. I loved that about her,” Angela’s boyfriend Adam Johnson said.

“She could just walk into the room and completely change your mood. She’d walk in the front door, and she’d be screaming something crazy, and she’d be ready to go. Like she wants to go, ‘like let’s go do something!'” Angela’s friend Claudia Rombough said.

“She’s just the one that comforted you, but pushed you enough to make you achieve your goals,” Angela’s friend Shelby Hooth said.

“In her 24 years of life, she’s done more than a lot of adults will do in a lifetime, and she enjoyed every minute of it. And she loved us deeply and we know it,” Lorie Heinz said.

Services for Angela will be held Sunday and Monday at the Holy Cross Church in Ipswich.