Red kettles now taking Apple Pay, Google Pay and online payments

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – With it being Cyber Monday, not only has the internet has made it easier to shop, it’s also made it easier to donate.

As we ring in the holidays, The Salvation Army is ringing in a new way to let people donate at the Red Kettles. Instead of only using cash, you can now use your smartphone.

The ringing bell is a familiar sound to the Salvation Army bell ringers. But over the years, they’ve heard another ringing in their ears, this time, coming from potential donors.

“A lot of our bell ringers will hear that, ‘I want to donate, but I don’t carry cash anymore.’ So, again, this is something we’ve been talking about for a long time – that people don’t do that anymore; They have a credit card or a debit card,” Development, Volunteer and Community Relations Director for the Salvation Army Marcie Priestley said.

This holiday season, they’re now introducing QR codes you can scan at the kettles.

“Because not a lot of people have cash. A lot of people have more money on their cards so it’d be easier that way,” Volunteer Bell Ringer Patrick Yellowboy said.

Here’s how it works: You hold up your phone, like you’re going to take a picture. Then it directs you to a link online where you can enter your credit card number and donate.

“Like five dollars, ten dollars, and then there’s also an option if you want to do something higher than that for us you can click on that and put the amount that you want to give,” Priestley said.

It also works the same with Apple or Google Pay, if you have it set up.

“This is just another avenue – you have to look when you’re fundraising, you look at all kinds of avenues on how to help your organization. So, to us, this is just another wonderful item that we have that we can put in the mix,” Priestley said.

Bell ringer, Patrick Yellowboy hears from others that it has helped make things easier.

“There’s a few people I’ve seen use it are, you know… It’s a… as far as I’m aware it’s a pretty good thing to use so,” Yellowboy said.

A gift for those who keep on giving.

“To me, it’s just being able to finally say to donors, ‘OK, here. We’re able to give you what you’ve been asking for, so that makes me really happy,” Priestley said.

You can also make donations to the salvation army online at their website, or visiting them directly.

If you’d like to be a volunteer bell ringer, you can visit Register to They collect donations up until Christmas eve.

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