SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– The Red Cross in South Dakota is making a difference for those being impacted by Hurricane Ian.

From sending volunteers to hard hit communities, to collecting donations and setting up shelters, the American Red Cross in Sioux Falls is helping those in Florida who are cleaning up the pieces after Hurricane Ian.

As Hurricane Ian ripped across Florida, the Red cross here in South Dakota was already prepared to help with the effort. Robert Reuland of Sioux Falls was first sent to help in South Carolina, but then he made his way to Orlando to help with the aftermath of the storm.

“We worked to set up locations to put the sheltering or feeding services once the hurricane was to make impaction. Some areas receiving large amounts of damage, which would require us to shelter displaced residents,” said Robert Reuland, disaster program manager for the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross sends volunteers across the country to help with disaster efforts often and they are looking for more people.

“It’s very common, we’ve got a great group of volunteers and we’re always looking to recruit more who are interested in deploying. The commitment is that you take the training and the requirements up front, we’ve made that very easy you can do that online on a website and the training is self paced. You can get that done in 3 to 4 hours if you are interested in deploying,” said Patty Brooks, executive director of the Red Cross for Eastern South Dakota.

Right now the Red Cross has 16 shelters throughout the states that were impacted by the storm. If you are interested in completing the training, there is still time to go and help those suffering losses from Hurricane Ian.

“It’s not just the next two waves of volunteers that we are looking at for 2 week deployments through October, we are pretty well centered that this disaster relief operation is going to go probably through the end of the calendar year,” said Brooks.

Helping out others, more than a thousand miles away.

“Giving back to my community is very rewarding and I find it a challenging profession that is very rewarding,” said Reuland.

The biggest thing is money donations, but they can also donate blood.