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Record Year For Drug Arrests

Sioux Falls is setting major records this year, but unfortunately it's not good news. 

From meth and marijuana to heroin - authorities say there are more drugs in the Sioux Falls area than ever before.  

But law enforcement say getting a handle on the drug scene isn't easy.  

The Sioux Falls area drug task force is making arrests on a daily basis. 

"Virtually every day and night in the city of Sioux Falls and Minnehaha County there is some element of a drug investigation going on," Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns said. 

They've had 357 operations already this year and have taken a lot of drugs off the streets.

They've seized 8 pounds of opiates.  That's 27-times more than they took in all of 2017.

They've also taken more than 50 pounds of meth off the streets, including more than 11 pounds in October.  

For instance, in one case Dixie Murphy was arrested after authorities say they found more than two pounds of of meth and more than a half pound of marijuana and nearly $8,000 in cash in her home.

Tyler Brown was arrested for allegedly dealing meth.  The Drug Task Force had credible information that he was bringing meth from Colorado to Sioux Falls.  They allegedly found two and a half pounds of meth when they stopped him.

Authorities say every stop they make is a dangerous one. 

"They are armed, they're tweaking, they're unpredictable, they're violent, they are paranoid, they are dangerous and I worry about our police officers and our deputies, but I also know the impact it's having on families," Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead said. 

Authorities have taken a bite out of the drug scene this year, but they admit they have a long way to go and they can't do it by themselves. 

"Our churches, our non-profits our health care providers our community our citizens all need to get in this together because we will not win this alone," Milestead said.  

In a lot of these cases, law enforcement say guns are involved.  They've seized 59 guns so far this year in connected with drug cases.  A lot of them they say are stolen. 



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