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Reckless Driving, Shots Fired During Wednesday Arrest

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - A man is in the Minnehaha County Jail Thursday night after a wild afternoon on Sioux Falls roads. It all started around 4 on Wednesday in the northeast part of the city when the Area Fugitive Task Force tried to catch up with a parole absconder. 

The incident ended a half hour later in the southern part of Sioux Falls. Here's what happened.

When officers showed up at this North Cliff Avenue neighborhood they were looking for 35-year-old Phillip His Law. 

"When they were in the parking lot, it's an apartment complex, they approached him. He was in a van, and as the officers got out, there were three of them, he attempted to run two of them over by backing," said Capt. Jason Gearman, Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office. 

The officers weren't hurt but when he pulled forward he allegedly tried to hit the third officer.

"He fired a shot towards the vehicle, to stop the vehicle. At that time we didn't know where the round had went or if the suspect was hit because the suspect fled southbound on Cliff Avenue," said Gearman.

That's when Sioux Falls police had to step in.

"In the next half hour or so after that our Metro Communications received, it looks like, around five  reckless driving calls involving this same vehicle or a vehicle matching this description in the southwest part of town," said Aaron Benson with Sioux Falls Police. 

With this dangerous driving, authorities say His Law side-swiped another vehicle along the way. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Eventually His Law's vehicle was found at an apartment building near 50th and Western. He now faces several charges.

"Three counts of aggravated assault on law enforcement. Possession of controlled substance and paraphernalia. Reckless driving and hit and run," said Benson. 

The Department of Criminal Investigations is helping with this case because a shot was fired. His Law was not hurt in the shooting. 

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