SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –Slowly but surely, we’ll tap into not only warmer air from the south, but also deeper moisture as dew points will slowly rise. Throw in a dash of energy, and it’s a good recipe for thunderstorms in KELOLAND.

Computer models are already showing an increase in energy for KELOLAND next week. This is typical with the warmer temperatures for next week. But one thing that caught my eye was this:
Dew points temperatures are forecast to reach the 50s in parts of KELOLAND next week. The warmest high in Sioux Falls so far is 52, now we’re talking dew points in the 50s.

That’s quite the change from where we’ve been. But April is known for big swings in temperature.

Aberdeen will continue to wait for the warm air. In fact, the Hub City will most likely set the record for latest date for reaching not only 50 degrees, but Aberdeen is still waiting for its first 45. Both of those will most like happen next week.