LENNOX, S.D. (KELO) – If you garden, the heat and dry weather may have taken a toll on your vegetables. But for some areas lucky to receive some rainfall over the weekend, it’s making a difference.

Produce picking is underway at The Good Earth Farm just south of Lennox.

You don’t have to look too hard to find some cucumbers or tomatoes.

“All of that stuff is starting to come along and then a cucumber will grow from this big to this big in a few hours it seems like,” owner, Nancy Kirstein said.

A lack of rainfall was starting to take a toll on Kirstein’s garden. She says the plants were alive, but not necessarily thriving.

“The garden has been so starved for water, we irrigate with our irrigation pond but it’s not the same as rainwater,” Kirstein said.

She says the rain over the weekend was very timely, they received a couple inches, and now a lot of the produce has taken off.

“It really changes the plants, they really start to thrive, and with the rain and cooler temperatures, the bees are in the plants some more, so for the past few weeks we haven’t heard any bees out here, even though we keep hives, so we will start to see a lot more melons, cucumbers, zucchini,” Kirstein said.

Now she is particularly looking forward to the impact the moisture will have on her tomato plants.

“For those home gardeners that are struggling with their tomato plants, like we are, this will really turn things around, a drop in temperatures, especially in the evening,” Kirstein said.

Precipitation that will help in a bountiful harvest.

She says the rain also is timely for her pumpkins, saying they’ve now tripled in size.