SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A parent says he wants to know more about the new human sexuality policy adopted by the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls.

The bishop says it’s meant to help guide Catholic schools, parishes and other ministries.

One of the takeaways is students may not advocate, celebrate, or express being gay or transgender in a way that could cause confusion or distraction from Catholic schooling.

Pat Starr has a 4th grader and a freshman enrolled in Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools.

He’s partially read the diocesan policy on “Conforming with the Church’s Teaching on Human Sexuality in Education Settings.”

“One thing that this policy has done from Bishop DeGrood has caused a conversation in our home of what’s acceptable, how do we treat our fellow human beings, how do we talk about people, and we’re all made in the image and likeness of God,” Parent Pat Starr said.

Last week, Pope Francis met with transgender people at a church in Rome.

“That really was seen to me as a chance to reach out an olive branch and find commonality and understanding and this feels like a sharp contrast to that messaging that was set on a global scale,” LGBTQ advocate Kameron Nelson said.

Starr says trying to digest the entire document is difficult, but he wants to know more.

“I look forward to the bishop teaching and instructing not only our members, but our community and our state in exactly what the policy means in a practical day-to-day 10-year-old fourth grader’s world or a 14-year-old freshman’s world. What does this mean? And that’s got to mean we will not harass people who are different than us,” Starr.

The policy says “Bullying, harassment, or threats or acts of violence against any student based on that student’s perceived sex, same-sex attraction, or perceived gender identity, will not be tolerated.”

Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to read the full policy.