RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — The Rapid City Fire Department is taking training to the airport this week.

While situations like this don’t happen all that often, these firefighters say it’s important to be prepared in case it does.

“We have to be able to have these trucks out of the station and out to an aircraft fire in three minutes flowing water, that is the standard,” Capt. Neill Goodart, Station 8, said.

Today, crews are fighting a plane on fire, as well as rescuing civilians who are trapped inside. The Station 8 crew is practicing with the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting truck.

“It’s nice for us to get out here and see what it’s like and hopefully in the future, we can do more of that,” Kevin Sosa, firefighter, said.

There are 14 firefighters here at Station 8 at the Rapid City Airport. The fire department is incorporating other stations in this scenario which they don’t usually see.”

“It went really well, this is something we don’t get to do a lot. We don’t really have fuselages that show up that we can make good use of and spray water in, beat on a little bit. It was great for our specialists to come out and use their training prop and get the scenario and the training completed,” Sosa said.

This training is an annual event for the firefighters at the Rapid City Airport.

“We train year-round, this is just the culmination of it all where we get to train with live fire and it’s always a good time for the firefighters to get to do that,” Capt. Goodart said.

This training is required by the Federal Aviation Administration for all airports with commercial traffic. These airports must do a live fire training annually.