SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As the House Committee investigating the deadly crash involving South Dakota’s Attorney General prepares for its next meeting, Jason Ravnsborg is focusing on national and international issues.

Ravnsborg and several other attorneys general are meeting with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, touring the border with Mexico.

Governor Abbott updated them on drugs and sex trafficking problems in the area. Abbott asked the attorneys general to crack down on social media outlets that facilitate human trafficking.

The attorney general’s office sent KELOLAND News a statement on Ravnsborg’s tour of the border.

I have witnessed miles of the wall completed by the federal government and miles completed by the state of Texas.  However, I also saw piles of materials just sitting there rusting away and was briefed that contractors were told not to work and still getting paid not to work.

This trip has been a great opportunity to work with my fellow Attorneys General on an issue that affects our nation and all of our respective states.

Jason Ravnsborg, South Dakota Attorney General

The Committee investigating Ravnsborg is scheduled to meet again next week.