SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Lawmakers in Pierre will gather on Tuesday to discuss the possible impeachment of South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg.

A car driven by Ravnsborg hit and killed Joe Boever in September 2020. Ravnsborg’s attorney pleaded no contest on behalf of his client to second-class misdemeanors of operating a motor vehicle while using a mobile electronic device and making an illegal lane change. These were for his driving leading up to the deadly crash.

The agenda for the House Select Committee on Investigation’s scheduled time together on Tuesday and Wednesday includes executive session to which the public will not have access.

“We’ll go into executive session to discuss attorney and client privilege between us and the new special counsel that we have hired, and from there we will discuss where to go forward,” said Rep. Spencer Gosch, a Republican from Glenham.

Gosch is the speaker of the House and chair of the committee.

“The only thing that will happen during executive session is conversation,” Gosch said. “No official action will happen in executive session, that will happen outside executive session if there is any official action.”

“I imagine tomorrow we’ll start to look at maybe what is the criteria here for impeachment, what are the considerations to say yes impeachment, versus no impeachment,” said Rep. Ryan Cwach, a Democrat from Yankton.

Cwach is also on the committee.

“We will also be discussing potential litigation, and so when we’re talking about, when we’re reviewing evidence and talking about things that could be potentially litigated in court, you know I do think there’s some value initially in saying that should be handled in an executive session so that way we’re not tipping our hands to any potential court strategies that we might have to employ,” Cwach said.

Dan Santella: I guess the question is why have the executive session and the public not have access to it, versus having it in an open committee meeting?

“Because obviously as you know, client/attorney privilege is a privilege, right, so we need to establish what those grounds are going to be before we can move forward,” Gosch said.

The meeting is set to start Tuesday morning at 10 CDT in Room 362 of the state Capitol.