PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — Ravnsborg is now apologizing to the Boever family in a written letter. But the letter didn’t go to the family.

Just hours before the House voted, the attorney general sent a letter to each lawmaker pleading his case as to why he should not be impeached. In that same letter, he attacked Governor Noem for what he says, ‘how she politicized this case.’

In his four-page letter, Ravnsborg writes ‘some have asked why I have not spoken out about the accident. I have remained largely quiet about this matter out of respect for the legal process and Mr. Boever’s family.’

Very early on in the investigation, Governor Kristi Noem asked Ravnsborg to resign. But in his letter, he writes ‘I could not resign then and cannot resign now because the incident did not impede my ability to perform the functions of Attorney General including on-going investigations of the executive office.’

Knowing Governor Noem could select his replacement, he says he felt it was appropriate to stay in office to man the checks and balances within the state. He writes ‘Ethically the governor should never have involved herself.’

He accuses the governor of releasing confidential material to the public, like this interview by North Dakota investigators.

Ravnsborg says Governor Noem violated his civil rights and his privacy rights. He says, ‘She broke the law and violated the House of Representatives cease and desist order to taint the evidence and public perception against me.’

In his conclusion, Ravnsborg writes, ‘It has been 576 days since the accident. I mark it on my calendar each day and reflect.’ I am sorry. He says he thinks about Joe Boever every day, a man he had never met, but a man who changed his life forever.

Ravnsborg told lawmakers, in the letter, their decision could overturn an election and set forth a dangerous precedent for all South Dakota elected officials.