RAPID CITY — The Rapid City Schools saw an increase in students calling in sick last week.

Nurses at Rapid City Schools are seeing students with a wide range of ailments.

“The numbers this year have definitely picked up this year with various types of illnesses whether it’s head cold or the influenza, COVID is spiking again and just various stomach bugs,” Brenda Graybill, RCAS Health Assistant, said.

Nursing staff here at Rapid City Schools say they have noticed a recent spike in influenza four weeks earlier than normal.

Health assistant, Brenda Graybill, says a lot of students have been visiting the nurses’ office.

“We’ve seen an upwards of at least 40 a day depending on what school I’m at,” Graybill said.

That’s why Graybill and West Middle School nurse, Jill Wilgers, say parents, students, and staff need to be keeping good hygiene, wiping down surfaces, and staying home when they are sick.

“We can’t prevent every illness of course but there are things we can do to help. Some things would be to schedule your child checks with your doctor for your student and discuss any recommended vaccines with them,” Jill Wilgers, nurse, said.

By taking all the health precautions RCAS staff say students can be back in the classroom and as healthy as possible.

Nurses say by staying home and resting while you are sick, you can protect yourself and others.