Rapid City, S.D. (KELO) — Rapid City is growing and the Police Department is responding to the changes that growth brings.

The department recently added a second precinct on the west side of town.

Being able to provide quick response times and more protection are the goals of Rapid City’s new Police Precinct.

“The functions of the police precinct are the same functions of which you would get down at the main police department. If you want to stop by and file a police report. If you want to stop by and give us any information related to other police needs. If you just need basic information in general, we’re here to help the community,” RCPD Lieutenant Kelvin Masur said.

Not only is this new precinct on the West side of town here to help cut down on those response times, but also provides a blanket of safety to those local businesses right here in the area, as well as the schools and churches. 

“You know I feel protected, I feel like my employees are going to be taken care of. My closing shift isn’t going to have to deal with a lot of riff-raff, and if they do, they’ve got somebody right there that can come help,” Autumn Hills Liquor Owner Sara Hill said.

With the main goal of trimming down response times, police say they are already seeing a difference.

“Being out here at the precinct, it is noticeable that our response times to some of these further outlane areas is significantly decreased,” Masur said.

Masur says it used to take officers 15 to 20 minutes when responding to a call from the main office… now that time is half that at 5 to 10 minutes

Officers are also able to file reports at the new precinct, allowing officers from across the city to utilize the new location. 

“We have police officers that have access to the building all day long. A great location for them to come write reports, handle other police business and handle any community needs that come our way,” Masur said.

The new precinct is still looking at additions to its staff, but for now remains fully operational.