RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — We will continue our snow storm coverage out in Rapid City. Today street department crews have been working diligently to get the streets cleared. The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office is telling everyone to take extra precautions on the roads.

Since before the winter storm began, street crews here in Rapid City have been working to treat the roads.

“As soon as the snow got deep enough we started plowing immediately. The day crew has been out since 4 o’clock this morning plowing and will stick around until 6/7 o’clock tonight, give them a little break and the night crew will come in and then we will relentlessly plow,” Jeremy Cahill, Street Maintenance Supervisor, said.

Right now, there are about 22 plows around town. With the snow continuing to fall, crews have been plowing some streets repeatedly.

“We are about as prepared as we can be. With the snow, you never know how much it’s going to snow and what the conditions are going to be like,” Cahill said.

Already this morning, the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office has seen over a dozen crashes due to the storm.

“We’ve seen a lot of accidents actually with people driving way faster than they should be driving. A lot of accidents within town and a lot of rollovers outside of town so the roads are starting to get slippery,” Sgt. Amanda Swanson, Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, said.

If you have to go somewhere, the Sheriff’s Office and Street Department urge everyone to go slow, do not crowd the plow, and give yourself plenty of time to get somewhere.

“When the weather does get worse and it makes our job way harder because we have to save people from getting stuck or major accidents that we are seeing. I would definitely recommend listening to the news and if there is no travel advised or no travel at all, then please don’t travel because it makes everything way harder,” Sgt. Swanson said.

Like a lot of school districts across the state, Rapid City was closed today due to the winter storm. You can stay updated on closures and changing weather conditions at KELOLAND dot com.