RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — A Rapid City man pleaded guilty to selling eagles and eagle parts from 112 different birds Friday. 

According to federal court documents, Troy Fairbanks, 56, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wildlife trafficking. He faces a maximum of five years of prison, $250,000 fine or both.

Fairbanks owns a business called Buffalo Dreamers, which performs Native American dance programs at public venues. Court documents say Fairbanks traded 28 eagle feathers in exchange for bear claws, elk teeth, fur, silvery jewelry and other goods for the eagle parts.  

Fairbanks also sold raptor feet, an eagle head, eagle wins and 223 loose feathers for $6,021 cash, court documents said. 

There were multiple similar transactions documented in the signed statement of factual basis.  

During a federal search of Fairbank’s home, documents say numerous eagle parts, consisting of loose feathers, wings, feet, carcasses and finished/partially finished regalia were seized. 

The United States Forest and Wildlife Service forensic lab reviewed and examined all the eagle parts purchased or seized. DNA results showed parts from at least 112 different eagles passed through Fairbank’s home. 

An additional 15 bird species, including a Andean Condor and Himalayan Vulture, were possessed and trafficked.

Page 1 of Fairbanks Plea Deal

Page 1 of Fairbanks Plea Deal

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