RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — After getting over a foot of snow Rapid City is now in clean up mode following this week’s winter storm.

Nathan Kuehl was out for several hours this morning snow blowing.. not just his driveway but his neighbors’ as well.

“I like to get out and do the neighborly thing and it’s fun, I like being outside instead of in the office,” Kuehl said.

Brad Ridout was out last night and this morning shoveling.

“There is not much you can do about it so you just got to live with it and go okay, this is what you get. If you don’t want snow, don’t live in South Dakota,” Ridout said.

Snow storm after snow storm, the Rapid City snow crews have been spending countless hours clearing the streets.

“They came in and worked 13, 14, 15 hour days and we had employees that stayed overnight because they didn’t think they could make it back. We got a very dedicated crew down here. Without them we couldn’t do any of it,” Dale Pfeifle, Street Dept. Superintendent, said.

The City of Rapid City is issuing a downtown snow removal alert where people will have to remove their cars from the downtown core area from 2 AM to 8 AM.

“It’s for the safety of the public and the efficiency getting the material moved,” Pfeifle said.

Neighbors like Ridout and Kuehl hope this is the last city-wide snow clean up until next year.

“I hope so!” Kuehl said.

The temperature in Western South Dakota is supposed to drastically increase as the week goes on.