RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — While it may be easy to buy a book on your phone or listen to one on your drive, bookstore owner, Jeanne Simon, says it’s also important to read a good old-fashioned book.

“They still prefer the paper books, the smell, the feel, there is just something about paper books that are so appealing,” Simon said.

Again Books and Bazaar Bookstore here in downtown Rapid City has been around for several decades.

“The customer base kind of dropped off when E-readers were a new thing, so everyone was trying them but then over time a lot of those customers came back and our customer base has actually grown,” Simon said.

Simon says she sees a wide range of people in her store.

Over at the Rapid City Library, a number of books are checked out each day.

“Reading is wonderful, not only for literacy and expanding your knowledge but it also builds empathy. Where you get yourself in other people’s heads and you hear their stories, whether it’s a biography or fiction,” Laurinda Tapper, Rapid City Library Public Relations, said.

Not only is it important to support your local libraries, but also to just read.

“It’s a good way to combat the stress of your hectic busy life. There’s just something about sitting down and reading. It builds your ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. it’s a good, healthy, emotional, relaxing thing to do. And it’s fun,” Simon said.

The Rapid City Library is hosting a summer reading program for kids across the Black Hills. The library hopes it will keep students reading outside of school.