WATERTOWN, S.D. (KELO) — A Florence athlete’s world was turned upside down after some devastating news last week.

The 15-year-old started the track season out strong until she ran into some medical complications. After some tests, she found out last week she has a form of cancer.

Ramsie Wood is a freshman in high school and competes on the track and volleyball teams for the Florence-Henry Falcons. After having some breathing problems in early April and just thinking a rib was out of place, the news they found out about last week was devastating.

Wood’s track season started out strong, but then symptoms set in toward the end of her first meet.

“I ran my 200 and as soon I stopped running, like as soon as I placed my foot down to slow down is when I got this really sharp and intense pain, and it felt like I couldn’t breathe at all,” Wood said.

Her mom made her a doctor’s appointment where they did some tests and x-rays.

“They discovered a large mass, and the reason she was having problems breathing is because it’s not attached to her heart but wrapped around her heart and pushing up against her chest,” Wood’s mom Kelli McClure said.

After more tests, they discovered Wood has ‘Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma.’

“I looked at my doctor and she said, ‘It’s a form of cancer,’ and I lost it from there. And I was crying for a couple hours after that. It was really just hard to hear. I think it hurt the most just knowing that I wouldn’t be able to run anymore,” Wood said.

“The fact that just the week before she was running in track meets and running her 100 and 200s was mind-blowing to them,” McClure said.

Moving forward with treatment, the main goal for Wood is to “kick cancer’s butt” and get back out on the track.

“To run again. To be able to do more sports without any issues or problems,” Wood said.

“Just looking forward to getting better so we can regain life. It’s been really hard on her not being able to participate in track,” McClure said.

They say the support has been amazing as the community rallies around Ramsie, and they know she is strong.

“She’s amazing, she is, Blows my mind with how well she has handled all of this. I don’t think I could be as strong as she is,” McClure said.

They will be back in Sioux Falls Friday for some additional tests and to figure out a treatment plan with the possibility of starting chemo on Monday.

There is GoFundMe and t-shirt sale happening to help the family. You can find a flyer with more information below.

T-Shirt order flyer.