SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With the price of eggs close to $5 a dozen, some of you may be thinking about raising your own chickens to lay eggs.

But before you hatch that idea, there are some things you need to know first.

“Alright girls come on come on ladies,” Katie Schmaus said.

Katie Schmaus has been raising chickens in her backyard for the past two years.

She bought these girls by accident at a farm auction and ended up leaving with more than she bargained for.

“My friend and I left with over 200 chickens,” Schmaus said.

And a whole lot more.

Because the city ordinance in Tea says you can only have six chickens within city limits, Schmaus had to give most of them away to friends and neighbors.

The chickens lay eggs and she’ll use them for cooking, but that’s about it.

Don Jorgensen: You look at them as more of a pet though?

Katie: Absolutely 110 percent, they’re my pets,” Schmaus said.

She even gives them names.

“How can you not love them, this is Trump, hey Trump how are you doing,” Schmaus said.

In Sioux Falls, you can own chickens as well.

“You can have six chickens on your personal property if you’d want more you can obtain a license from animal control to get more chickens,” Patty Beckman of Animal Control said.

If you do raise chickens, you’re going to be held responsible for taking good care of them.

“If your chickens are caught running off property they can be lodged at the Humane Society at that point you’d have a citation and also the fees at the Humane Society to get the chickens out,” Beckman said.

If you’re thinking of buying some chickens, Schmaus has this advice, do your research first.

“It’s like having a dog or a cat you want to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, how to care for them, what to look out for when they’re sneezing, how to take care of that; they can get sick just like dogs or cats and humans,” Schmaus said.

While you can have chickens within city limits, in Sioux Falls you cannot have roosters.

To see the Sioux Falls ordinance on raising chickens, click here.