BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — We have new information about the wild weather this past weekend.

The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado touched down about 2 and a half miles east of Brandon early Sunday morning.

The twister damaged trees at a farm and then moved onto a church.

Meanwhile, nearby Huset’s Speedway suffered damage from high winds.

The track had to cancel races planned for Memorial Day.

Sioux Empire Cleaning spruces up Huset’s Speedway after events on a regular basis.

But this past Monday was a much bigger job than usual for manager Elmar Delibasic and his crew.

“It kind of looked like a war zone, honestly,” Sioux Empire Cleaning manager Elmar Delibasic said.

The storm ripped the roof off of the suite tower.

“Tore down some fencing and a light pole and destroyed some equipment that we had in the infield,” Huset’s Speedway general manager Johnson said.

Huset’s Speedway general manager Doug Johnson says cleanup work started right away.

Johnson says employees, contractors, and volunteers are all playing a role in the cleanup and repair work.

“We came out here on Monday and tested all of our electronics, our announcing system, our scoreboard, and all of that is still functional, so we’re very fortunate,” Johnson said.

It won’t be long before Huset’s comes roaring back to life.

Races are scheduled to resume Sunday.

Saturday’s Fan Fest is still on, but the Arch Allies concert is canceled.

Johnson says it may be scheduled for a later date.

“We were just dealt a setback here that we’ll work through. I’ve always said, things happen for a reason and we’ll come back bigger and stronger than ever,” Johnson said.

That’s good news for people like Delibasic, who’s a racing fan.

“I’m really excited. When we came here Monday we were kind of worried about it. We were kind of down in the dumps and hoping it was going to be back soon,” Delibasic said.

And now racing is just days away.