SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A fundraiser to benefit a local nonprofit organization is entering its eleventh month.

We first told you about the Queen Bee Club, Remedy Brewing Company’s take on Chase the Ace, in February. More than 40 weeks later, the number of cards is dwindling and the cash is piling up.

“In the first few months when the jackpot was sub-$1,000, sub-$2,000 we thought this is a pretty decent size amount of money to win but we’d love to see it grow bigger and now it’s kind of switched to the point where every week the jackpot isn’t drawn we just look at each other and go ‘well alright let’s do this again next week and see how much more we can do,” Remedy’s Donovan Minor said.

If a five-figure jackpot isn’t incentive enough, the Queen Bee Club also serves as a fundraiser for The Banquet in Sioux Falls.

“With the jackpot sitting at about $9,600 the way the math works out we’ve already raised a little over $11,400 for The Banquet,” Minor said.

“It’s been incredible. Who would have thought that last February when we started that come December we’d still be going,” The Banquet Executive Director Tamera Jerke-Liesinger said.

Tamera Jerke-Liesinger is Executive Director of The Banquet, a privately funded organization that served nearly 200,000 meals at its two locations last year.

“Every day, 16 times a week we’re able to make sure that people know that we’re there to provide for their nutritional needs and also for their souls, to feed their souls as well,” Jerke-Liesinger said.

At The Banquet West, many of those meals are served to families.

“We’re having over 60 kids every night coming to eat, so when you think about the number of families that are impacted by what’s happening with those private donations it really means a lot in our community,” Jerke-Liesinger said.

Making this game of chance well worth the money.

“It’s a fun activity for people to get in and have a chance to win some money but it also really does benefit out community in the long run,” Minor said.

The search for the Queen of Clubs continues Tuesday night at Remedy Brewing Company in downtown Sioux Falls. Tickets are sold from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m., followed by the drawing at 7:00.

The jackpot is expected to top $10,000.