Quality of life, growing medical industry potential reasons for population growth

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Sioux Falls is growing, and you may be surprised who is moving here. The city Planning and Development department released new numbers. According to the estimate, Sioux Falls’ population is more than 190,000 people. That’s about 3,500 more people than the year before.

You can trace this boom back to 20 years ago. Since January 1, 2000, Sioux Falls has had a 67,000-person increase. There are a number of reasons why people move here, and one woman is doing her part to keep those newcomers here.

With three little kids at home, work time and a cup of coffee are coveted moments for Daintry and Nathan TenNapel. The husband and wife were spending an afternoon in Josiah’s Coffeehouse in Downtown Sioux Falls. Both grew up in Sioux Falls, and moved away for a bit.

Brady Mallory: “Did you ever think you’d move back?”
Daintry: “No.”

It’s probably funny to think about ending up in your hometown, but Daintry is serious when it comes to finding the appeal of living here as an adult.

“I love Sioux Falls is expanding. I’m an artist, and the arts community is expanding. The longer I’ve lived here, the more I see the arts becoming part of the culture here,” Daintry said.

That may be just one reason for year-to-year population growth.

“There’s a lot Sioux Falls has to offer for different age ranges and reasons people are coming here,” Rhiannon Israel, owner of Welcome Sioux Falls, said.

Rhiannon Isreal is the head of Welcome Sioux Falls and the Newcomers Club. She works with people who have moved here, and helps connect them with the community. She says the arts, quality of life projects, a thriving downtown, and a growing medical footprint are reasons that bring in new people.

“For a smaller big city, or a big small town, it’s got a good variety and it is promoting the local which is really cool,” Israel said.

Israel says she’s seeing a big population of retirees moving to Sioux Falls.

“Cost of living is affordable, quality of life is here. We’ve got all the amenities. Same things that are drawing in young professionals as well as those families with kids,” Israel said.

Daintry would like to see the art scene continue to grow. While these quiet moments are nice, she’s glad to see and hear about an ongoing population boom.

“I think we could grow even more,” Daintry said.

Sioux Falls looks like it won’t be done growing any time soon. By 2025, the population is projected to be 208,000.

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