SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls pet shop is asking for your help finding the person who broke into their store and stole one of their expensive puppies.

The thief was caught on surveillance video.

“We noticed the dog was missing, so we went back and reviewed security footage at 2:30 in the morning,” Mini Critters owner Ryan Oaks said.

Security camera footage from Mini Critters.

Take a good look at this video and picture.

It shows a person walking through the pet store looking for a particular puppy he wanted to steal; this one, an 8-week-old boxer.

Owner Ryan Oaks believes the thief had been in the store earlier in the day and monkeyed with this side window.

“He tampered with the lock on the device so security alarms didn’t go off. He came in free and clear by the way, we fixed that,” Oaks said.

You can still see the fresh tracks in the snow leading up to the window.

Mini Critters only has 8 puppies right now, so it was pretty easy to notice when one of them is missing, while they want the thief held accountable, their biggest concern right now is for the puppy.

“That’s first and foremost, make sure the dog is safe; hopefully he goes to a vet and takes care of it. But obviously, we’d like to have the dog back, in fact, we had a couple of people on the waiting list to take it home,” Oaks said.

First, they need your help in finding the thief so they can bring the puppy back home.

“I think the big thing for me is I’m disappointed. Disappointed that someone would actually do something like that not only to a small local business but just in the egregious nature that it was,” Oaks said.

Oaks has contacted all the local veterinarians in town to let them know if they see the stolen puppy contact the police.