Is your business protected against cyber attacks? A conference at the Sioux Falls Convention Center was centered around this very idea. We talked with the keynote speaker about what you should be doing now. 

The threat of a cyber attack is everywhere. While scammers get more savvy, is there a way to still protect your personal or business information?

“So a lot of people are using the same passwords across lots of websites. That’s a problem. Because if any one of them gets hacked, now your whole life can get taken apart, said cybersecurity expert, Bryce Austin. 

Bryce Austin was the keynote speaker for the Sioux Falls Cybersecurity Conference hosted by the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce Thursday. He owns a business called TCE Strategy, which helps people boost their cybersecurity protection. One of his biggest suggestions is to use MFA, or Multi Factor Authentication.

“You type in a user name and a password. If you do it from a computer you haven’t used before, it’s going to pop up a message on your phone.  Saying I see you trying to log in from a computer I don’t recognize. Is this really you? Yes or no. If you turn on MFA, a cyber criminal has to work a lot harder to hack you,” said Austin. 

His last piece of advice is to always make sure you have backups for sensitive information.

“If there’s one thing I want your viewers to understand, it’s that bad people might get in. And they can do things where they encrypt your data so you can’t get to it. The goal isn’t to steal your information. It’s to shut down your business. Then they demand money to get your own data back. If you are doing good backups of your data, and you are keeping that back up in a drawer, somewhere in your office or even better in a lockbox. You can’t hack something in a desk drawer,” said Austin. 

Austin also wrote a book called “Secure Enough? 20 Questions on Cybersecurity for Business Owners and Executives.”