SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls Health Department has announced a new venture to add ‘protected spaces’ for cyclists and pedestrians in two locations in the city, and Chad Pickard, President of Spoke N Sport Bike Shop, appreciates the efforts.

The installations, which will be put in place Thursday, June 9 are a protected bike lane at 49th and Oxbow, and a pedestrian ‘bump-out’ at 11th and Dakota, downtown.

The infrastructure itself is provided by a company named, DezineLine, with the renderings appearing to show the brand’s BikeRail kit, which is made up primarily of metal rails and ribbons.

The intersections chosen by the city for these installations are busy ones, and Pickard, explained why he believes the new barriers will help.

“Roads are for more than just cars,” said Pickard, pointing out that bicycles are legally entitled to use the roadways. He says that a designated bike lane, such as the one going in at 49th and Oxbow, will help to give access to cyclists.

Moreover, a protected bike lane will, according to Pickard, make the route more useable to a greater number of people who may have felt insecure using the roadway due to traffic concerns.

What both of these features stand to do (much to Pickard’s approval) is slow traffic down. He says that both the lane and the bump-outs are structures which narrow the road, encouraging motorists to slow down, and increasing safety.

Pickard reasons that with more structure and slower speeds, more cyclists and pedestrians will feel comfortable using the roads and sidewalks they are entitled to, increasing safety for all. “Traffic only works well when we all do it together,” he said.