Property crimes investigators looking at Sioux Falls house fire

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Property crime investigators are following up on a Friday night fire that happened in Sioux Falls. Fire crews extinguished flames at a vacant house on the 1400 block of East Sixth Street. No one is hurt. The fire marshal says it is under investigation, but hasn’t confirmed whether it’s arson. He says police haven’t charged anyone.

Byron Imker bought his house in the spring.

“I like fixing up older houses,” Imker said.

Imker’s delight turned to dread on Friday night, when the man who rents the house from him called to tell him the house next door was on fire.

“He says the siding’s melting off your house. I instantly go, uh-oh,” Imker said.

You can see where the flames left their mark, and blackened this otherwise white house.

“I was pretty concerned where it was all going to end up,” Imker said.

Sioux Falls Fire Marshal Dean Lanier says Property Crime investigators are looking at evidence.

“There were signs that needed to be followed up on,” Lanier said.

The house is in between Imker’s house and another house that burned in November. Lanier says a gas explosion caused that one, and says investigators are figuring out if the two fires are linked.

“This one, there wasn’t any indication there was an explosion or anything like that. The fire was basically contained to the first floor,” Lanier said.

This house has been vacant, but Imker says, not too long ago, it wasn’t.

“There were people living there in October and I was trying to understand how they could be living there. Because there was no door on the house. There were windows broken out, then my renter said there was a lot of noise all night,” Imker said.

While authorities figure out what caused this fire, Imker says the damage to his house isn’t as bad as it looks.

“We can make it look good again. It’s not anything permanent,” Imker said.

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