SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Last week’s massacre in Uvalde, Texas was the 27th school shooting of the year. The loss of young lives affects many of us on an emotional level, but the violence has an even bigger impact on a group of school principals who formed a support network.

The Principal Recovery Network has 21 members, two are from South Dakota. They include Ryan Rollinger the current principal at Harrisburg High School and Kevin Lein the former Harrisburg principal who is now overseeing a school in Brookings. In 2015 a student walked into Lein’s office in Harrisburg and shot him in the arm. Rollinger, the assistant principal at the time, was nearby and tackled the student and held him until police arrived. Lein says he’s experienced some PTSD. Being a founding member and a part of this group has helped.

“It’s been something to see how we’ve all tried to move forward and then whatever we can do to assist this from never happening or happening to anybody, that’s what I would like to be a part of and hopefully have been,” said Lein.

The Principal Recovery Network wrote a letter and sent it to lawmakers. The letter starts out…

“We are members of a club no one wants to join. Yet, our membership keeps growing.”

The letter calls on members of Congress to take action, it doesn’t say what that action should be but reminds both Republicans and Democrats say that this is not a partisan issue. Like any group there are differing opinions among the members, for Lein gun control is not necessarily the answer.

“I’m not necessarily on either side of that issue but our country has cherished the 2nd Amendment and I’m part of our country,” said Lein.

As a principal, Lein believes the answer lies in turning the focus to mental health and awareness.

“I think there is some training to do to find those signs or signals. You know whether it be those things we can see on social media like this young man apparently had his thread or whether it is just we are sitting in church next to somebody who seems to have pain or you are at a store talking to somebody you can tell behind their eyes there is something,” said Lein.

Lein and the rest of the network may get their wish. A bipartisan group of senators met virtually today, looking for common ground on legislation to stop school shootings.